Serological Test

Our serological tests are a reliable alternative to intradermal tests to determine the allergens responsible for allergic disease. These tests have a high sensitivity and specificity: the lgE present in the serum of the allergic animal are measured using monoclonal antibody with high-affinity for IgE.   (Afnor Standard N° NFU47-019).

Advantages of serological testing

  • Suitable for Cats, Dogs and Horses.
  • Blood sample possible even when animal is under corticoid treatment.


Sending of Tests:

Padded envelopes containing a test tube a Request for Analysis Form will be sent to you on simple request:

  • 1ml of serum or plasma is required in a dry tube
  • Complete the Request for Analysis Form, with stamp of clinic.
  • Send by post to Laboratoire Destaing

Request for bloodsample kit


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Who are we ?

Laboratoire Destaing specialises in the Diagnostic & Treatment of allergies for Cats, Dogs & Horses, and also in the diagnostic of Human Contact Dermatitis.

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