Precautions before putting in place a Desensitisation Treatment

Discuss the envisaged treatment with the owner and explain the principle.

  • inform the owner that the improvement will be partial
  • inform the owner of the duration of treatment (long term)
  • inform the owner of the delay in response (> 6 months)
  • Animal must be easy to handle, for the owner to administer the injections themselves

Animal easy to manipulate for the injections by owner

  • Plan veterinary visits every 3 to 4 months
  • Food elimination diet should have already been carried out
  • Meticulous check for flea infestation should have been carried out
  • Checks for bacterial and fungal infections should have been carried out.




RNSA pollens vigilance map

Discover the pollen vigilance map in partnership with the National Aerobiological Surveillance Network / Réseau National de Surveillance Aérobiologique (R.N.S.A.)


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